Recently I haven’t felt really good. I haven’t had enough energy for my activities, I had a writer’s block and I felt bad without an apparent reason.
So I decided to write this article to help everyone who’s feeling the same way and maybe just needs a word or a piece of advice from someone who experienced the same situation.

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The first thing you have to remember is that your sadness is normal. We are humans, we have emotions and not all of them are happy. So don’t hide your emotions and don’t pretend that everything is okay. Talk with people you trust, your friends, your family or maybe your partner. Believe me, it will help you a lot.

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Another thing you have to remember is that your sadness won’t last forever. You will go through these days and you’ll become a stronger person. And then you’ll be happier than before because you’ll understand even more how strong and powerful you are.

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Even if it seems like you don’t have enough energy, please try to do your daily activities. It will make you feel like you accomplished your goals and your mindset will change. Then try to do something relaxing, like yoga or meditation. You can also try to write down your emotions or just take a piece of paper and draw something.

For example, I used to listen to music with positive vibes, sing along and dance even if I’m not good at it. I also used to spend time with my family because they really have the power to make me laugh and make me feel better even if I don’t say a word about my sadness.

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Listen to yourself. Listen to your emotions, try to understand why you feel like this. Spend quality time with yourself. If you don’t listen to yourself first, who is going to do this for you?

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Avoid negative vibes. You don’t need them and you will never do. So stop following on social networks people that make you feel bad and cut toxic relationships. Believe me, it will help.

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And if you want to talk with somebody remember that I’m always here for you. Send me a message on my personal account every time you want. Don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid. I will listen to you, I promise.
I won’t say that I ‘hope that you will go through these days’ because I know you will. And you know too. I send you a lot of love, now and forever.


This article was written by @evilprinxes on the We Heart It Gazette Team.