Full Name:
Claire Clément


Formely human, currently vampire

July 18th, 1125. She was changed in 1150 (aged 25).

Zodiac Sign:

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Blond hair, green eyes which turn red when feeding, retractable fangs, tall and slender body. Her skin, once warm ivory, has now a smooth porcelain tone. She usually changes her looks through the centuries.


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Before she got turned, Claire was but a young peasant woman, living with her parents and three sisters in a village outside of Paris. One day, while in the woods, she happened uppon a strange man, count Vincent, who, unbeknownst to her, was a vampire.

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Claire was charmed and he was immediately taken by her beauty and grace, and talked her into meeting him again. The two started meeting frequently and Claire fell in love with him. Vincent seduced her with lies into marring him, aspiring to make her his bride so that they could both sire his own lineage of vampire descendants.

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After the wedding, when Claire found the truth, horrified by his true form and cruelty, she tried to run away but she didn't make it. Instead, he turned her into a vampire and kept her in his castle against her will.

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Claire understood she would have to earn his trust if she wanted to leave that place, so she decided to play along, giving into his wishes as the new Countess. Although it took her long enough, she finally managed to escape, successfully boarding a boat and sailing away from France.

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In the years coming, Vincent luckily never managed to find Claire. For years, she lived in poverty and worked any job she could find, all the while saving money for a better life.

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She struggled with her new form, finding it repulsive, and started feeding on animals to survive, not wanting to harm humans. She slowly made a fortune for herself, giving her the opportunity to disappear and change appearances every thirty years, in order to hide her true nature.

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She succeded in living a comfortable life, isolated from the world, untrusting to everyone but a few people whom she befriended and helped her through her struggle and who she lost to death, eventually.

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Through the decades of her life, she never stayed at one place for long, instead she traveled all around the world alone, under different names, in fear that Vincent would still be after her. But there was no sign of him for centuries and that was a small relief.

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She lived her life under the radar, trying to accept herself. Gradually losing her faith in humanity, she grew selfish and manipulative, and it was around the 80's when she gave up on feeding on animals and started feeding on humans instead.

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Tired of constantly hiding and feeling lonely and miserable, she decided she wanted to do something with her life. She started laying out her choices, all the careers she could choose from and, finally, she decided to make a big step.

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In 2014 she pursued a career in high fashion, and later extended her work on creating perfumes. She focused on her goals and worked hard for years, using the money she had gathered so far in order to succeed. Her work helped keep her busy and put her mind more at ease, as she let her creativity loose, feeling productive and happier.

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Indeed, she made her dream come true and and by 2020 she had become a worldwidely renowned fashion designer and perfume maker, collaborating with some of the most well-known designer brands, now back to using her real name again.

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Famous and using her original name again, it became very easy for Vincent, now a powerful businessman, to find Claire. When he did, he visited her, attempting to come into her life again. She was shocked to see him again and, still afraid of him but wiser now, tried to keep him away. But he only came back more persistent, trying to win her back, with the sole purpose of making her his queen, the same plan in mind as he had centuries ago.

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Before she was changed, Claire was a sweet, innocent girl, full of life and joy. After her marriage to Vincent and everything she went through, she became cold, heartless, disrtusting of everyone, manipulative and merciless.

To the outside world, she shows a playful but mysterious persona, and deep down, she is confused, heartbroken and secretly yearning for genuine love and affection.


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Her style is elegant, classy and minimalistic, with lots of dress shirts, suits and stylish overcoats. She sometimes dresses a little more glamorously, according to the occasion she has to attend. Her accessories are simple yet beautiful, with pearls being her favourite.

Her Work:

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Her palette usually leans into darker colours, her favourites being black and red, but she also works with lighter ones, according to her mood, creativity and fashion trends.
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In the perfume industry, Claire is especially known to be an expert in flowery scents, mixed with ingredients that bring out the darker, more sensual parts of the flowers used.


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Currently her mansion in France

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Claire's personal collection:

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