Name: Emerald
Specie: Princess Emerald, the Charismatic, princess of South
Age: 20
Time period: 1000-2565(in Narnia)

I was living in Narnia with my parents (Susan Pevensie and King Caspian) until my 20th birthday. In Narnia i made so many friends, the animals is the perfect company... For years we lived peaceful without enemies and wars, until one day....
We heard that some witch came from the kingdom of fire 🔥. She wanted to spare the fire in all Narnia. We prepared for this day, Aslan and our Knights trained all the kids. But one day when the army of the Evil Witch hunted me i found a 'weird' door... I opened it and then..... something strange happened. I oriented in a wardrobe with many clothes. I coudn't understand where i was. I opened the wardrobe and i found out that i was in another modern life(1940). I was in a house with a kind family and two children, a girl and a boy five years older than me. He was little cynical with me.. but i fell in love with him....

My appearance

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I am Princess Emerald, the Charismatic, Princess of South.

My parents:

My mother

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My mother is Susan Pevensie, the Gentle, Queen of South.

My father

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My father is King Caspian.

My personality

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Style (in Narnia)

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Formal, i announced charismatic princess of South.

In England

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My weapons

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My weapons are an arrow and a small sword.

My interests

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My favourite place is the bridge at the forest. I love exploring new lands and sailing with my compass.

- When i came to England i loved the place and the century. There were so different from the world i knew and i wanted to live there. But the evil witch looking for me and they found the door of the wardrobe. I was so afraid if the people that i loved hurt from the witch so i called from my magic necklace my friends from Narnia ( Aslan and Pevensie's).

My magic necklace

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With this necklace i can call for help.

The evil witch

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She is the witch of fire and she can controls the panthers.

My best friends

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-We fought bravery and we defeated the evil witch. But we took with us and the two kids from England to live in Narnia.

My boyfriend

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Brandon is one of the kids from England. When we first met we fell in love each other but he was little cynical with me.

His sister

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Melissa, the strong princess.

- We took the two kids in Narnia (Melissa and Brandon). I engaged with Brandon so he became the prince of South, the Loyal.

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