as nobody asked, today I'm talking about my taste in music.
This is a list of my favorite singers & bands, along with my favorite song from each of them.

lana del rey, black and white, and music image
lana del rey - cinnamon girl;;
melanie martinez image
melanie martinez - strawberry shortcake;;
bts, jin, and suga image
bts - like;;
album, am, and arctic monkeys image
arctic monkeys - she's thunderstorms;;
clc, yeeun, and elkie image
clc - meow meow;;
luke hemmings, 5sos, and michael clifford image
5sos - amnesia;;
hyuna and kim hyuna image
hyuna - babe;;
styles, Harry Styles, and harry image
harry styles - two ghosts;;

here you go, see you on my next article!🌈🤍