Hello! I haven't done an article in a long time and I have seen Glee recently (yes, for the first time even though it ran from 2009-2015), so I decided to do a couple of articles about my opinions on Glee. And since it is a musical TV show, what better way is to start it all off than with listing the best singers?

*I am not a professional singer so these are only my decent opinions on this topic.

Enjoy! :))

10. Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel)

Image removed chris colfer and criss colfer image
original: I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston

Apparently Chris himself stated that this was the hardest song for him to sing on Glee. And I think he did it perfectly. I think his voice is better for that Broadway musicals and ballads than some pop songs. But overall he has a great vocal range.

9. Matthew Morrison (William Shuester)

actor, Hot, and matthew morrison image Image removed
original: Dream On by Aerosmith

Lets face it. Nobody liked when Mr. Shue was rapping. But oh man, he can actually sing pretty damn well. And when he hit those notes at 3:11. Literal chills! I don't think he gets much credit since he played a teacher who isn't very liked by fans of Glee.

8. Kristin Chenoweth (April Rhodes)

Image removed Image removed
original: Maybe This Time from Cabaret

I didn't like her talking much but I can't deny that she has one of the best singing voices on this show. She has been a great addition to the cast and her voice collided well with Matthews.

7. Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams)

kevin mchale image kevin mchale image
original: Scream by Michael Jackson

I never heard anybody who does Jackson so well (which is very hard) as McHale does. He is incredible and I liked those Michael episodes even more because of him. And he is a really good rapper too.

6. Lea Michele (Rachel Berry)

actress, aesthetic, and auburn image glee, rachel berry, and lea michele image
original: Don't Rain On My Parade from Funny Girl

Sure, Lea was great but for me she simply wasn't the best. In my opinion she is (as Chris) much better for ballads and musicals and less for other music styles. But she hits high notes better than most of others on this show.

5. Idina Menzel (Shelby Corcoran)

idina menzel, belleza, and elegancia image Image removed
original: Funny Girl by Barbra Streisand

We heard Idina sing duets with Lea and she was totally better. She has wider vocal range, is more experienced and especially with the song Let It Go we may hear that she has a rightful spot to be above Lea.

4. Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez)

glee, santana lopez, and naya rivera image glee, naya rivera, and Naya image
original: Don't Rain On My Parade from Funny Girl

I chose the same song as for Lea because I think that this shows that Naya is simply better vocalist. I get it that there are like 4 years between those episodes but I still think Naya made much better job and more songs (like from Adele) fit her much better than Lea.

3. Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson)

handsome and darren criss image handsome and darren criss image
original: Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye

I don't think there was a song he didn't pull off perfectly. He might still learn something and work on his vocals but he is by far one of the best singers on Glee. Well done!

2. Jonathan Groff (Jesse St. James)

Image by ur mom ☽ jonathan groff image
original: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

I have no words with this one. If he was the only one singing for Vocal Adrenaline he would've won. That's how great he is. Plus his voice complements so well with Leas they almost make me cry every time they sing together.

1. Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones)

actress, beautiful, and red carpet image actress, beautiful, and singer image
original: I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

I don't think I need to explain why I chose Amber "Queen" Riley for the first place on my list. She will sing it to you in those beautiful high notes and then you won't be able to sleep for days. The one and only top diva on this show for me.

  • honorable mention: Adam Lambert (Elliot Gilbert)
adam lambert, youtube, and video image
original: Marry The Night by Lady Gaga

Even though Adam was only in for 4 episodes or so I had a feeling I needed to at least mention him cause he has a killer voice and I enjoyed each song he has performed.

Writing this article was very hard since every one listed here is very talented and their singing voices are terrific. I've done my best. The songs that I chose are not the best performances of these characters, I only chose songs I liked or the ones I think are good for comparison of the vocal range.

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