Information !

Name: Eleanor
Alias: Lea, Gypsy
Age: 17 years old
Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance !

disney, evie, and gypsy image makeup, eyes, and beauty image Image by ParadiseWorld Image by charlinedbs

Parent !

Inspiring Image on We Heart It candle, fire, and aesthetic image Image by Private User goat, animal, and nature image

Hobbies !

microphone image Image by Private User curly hair, dance, and shadow image vintage, book, and music image

Style !

fashion, green, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and green image outfit, blazer, and fashion image australia, fashion, and girl image
Day to Day
clothes, dress, and green image Image by lolia 00 amazing, creative, and green image aesthetic, diamonds, and accessories image
dress, green, and fashion image heels, fashion, and shoes image Image by Jessica Image by H E A R T B E A T


amen, girl power, and life image angel, deep, and demon image beautiful, dark hair, and femme fatale image quotes image

Friends !

elite, netflix, and curly hair image ben, characters, and descendants image actress, plaid dress, and margaret qualley image descendents, sofía carson, and evie image

Enemies !

dove cameron, disney, and mal image jay, dcom, and booboo image gil, descendants, and uma image descendants and chad charming image

Pets !

animal, cute, and adorable image dude, descendants, and carlos de vil image dude, descendants, and carlos de vil image Image by iwasalilac_sky
Drina, a goat, and Dude, she takes care of the last one with Carlos

Love Interest !

evie, de vil, and descendants image dog, cute, and puppy image aesthetic, quotes, and message image Image by O H H O N E Y

you can find this story on wattpad as sugar, in my account: m-oddinsdottir, actually it is in spanish. thanks for watching this!