Basic info:

Name: Honey Beez

Name meaning: The bee symbolizes community, brightness and personal power. The honey-bee symbolism urges you to make your life productive. The meaning of the honey-bee also brings to focus your accomplishments. You have a strong sense of duty to your community.

Fandom name: Honeyz

Company: BigHit Entertainment

Debut date: December 1, 2020

EP name: Winter Sleep

This EP is about sleeping on the dark times and toxic relationships. Debut date also is a symbolizes start of he winter.

Title track: similar to Red Velvet - Psycho (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj (audio).

It's about toxic relationships, people and environment. It represents feeling of being trapped, confused, guilty beacause of manipulations and madness at the same time.

Second track: similar to Dreamcatcher-Deja vu

It symbolizes nostalgia and trying to outweight bad memories with good ones but failing at it.

Third track: similar to GFRIEND-Labyrinth

This song is about intuition, ratonal voices that tell you what's right to do and show us the reality.

Fourth track: similar to Dreamcatcher- Scream

It represents feeling of anger, outrage and empowerment.

Fifth track: similar to MAMAMOO - Starry Night

It symbolizes final awareness, realisation and peace.
As usual Honey Beez promoted title track the longest and spend the most on its MV as well as the promotions in general. But they performed every track from the EP and shoot different types of dancing, singing and just fun, special videos for them.

Number of views on titile track MV: 345 million
Number of views on music shows: 9
Number of followers on the group's official instagram account: 10.5 million