Basic Info
Name: Urainia
Goddess of stars, space, knowledge, wisdom, peace, and light
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: Heterosexual (And Taken!)
Birthplace: Deep Space
Zodiac: Aquarius


hair, hairstyle, and purple image artist, blue, and goals image make image body, pout, and face image blonde, jewels, and star image aesthetic, body, and outfit image
Pale complexion, wavy indigo hair, petite build, and lover of jewelry and make-up.


art, cosmos, and Dream image quotes, forgive, and forgiveness image Image by o b i heart, kind, and kindness image moon, moonlight, and nature image quotes, sky, and black and white image
Naturally curious and full of an infectious love of life and adventure. She's nurturing by nature, deeply compassionate and tender-hearted. She doesn't like conflict, but is willing to stand her ground.


fashion, accesories, and hair image dress, stars, and fashion image Image removed fashion, dress, and runway image dress, fashion, and stars image Temporarily removed
Flowing fabrics in the colors of the night sky. Loves sheer details.


aesthetic, autumn, and book image art, beautiful, and cards image book, aesthetic, and coffee image academia, academy, and aesthetic image 1950s, christmas, and etsy image aesthetic, gif, and vintage image wallpaper, pink, and zodiac image flowers, book, and aesthetic image
Reading about other places, writing in her diary, stargazing, zodiac tracking, and jewelry making


gif and universo image aesthetic, background, and gif image night image aesthetic, books, and detail image photography, sky, and stars image aesthetic, anime, and night image
She can create light, has a calming aura, and can control and manipulate gravity.


angel, couple, and Relationship image Temporarily removed aesthetic, dark, and alternative image book, library, and dark image
Her husband is Umbrum, but their relationship is strained due to his exile.
girl, black, and friends image witch, moon, and night image witch image wallpaper, stars, and moon image
She is the mother of one daughter, Noctave, goddess of the moon
aesthetic and angel image aesthetic, angel, and blue image
She has a bunch of light spirits as handmaidens and treasured friends.
aesthetic, alone, and city image aesthetic, night, and pink image
Sadly, Urainia has found it difficult to make friends with other gods, likely due to her coming from the stars and being betrothed to Umbrum

Extra Trivia: She likes Nightwish

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