Soooo. I did this article about greek goddesses aesthetics some time ago... apparently people liked it... (it was surprising for me okay?!) and now we are doing the same but with greek gods, yeah, that's the introduction.

also this is a bonus article because im bored and when im bored i write lots of articles... so wait for more :D

Let's do it!

Greek Mythology Articles:

aesthetic, aes, and white image aesthetic, aes, and zeus aesthetic image white, broken, and crack image aesthetic, white, and Zeus image aesthetic, men, and tumblr image boy, cloudy, and dark image
boy, hero, and ocean image horse and animal image aesthetic, beach, and birds image nature, ocean, and travel image nature image shell cottage, shells, and sunset image
candle, candles, and corte image black, quotes, and Lyrics image werewolf, wolf, and wolves image hands, fantasy, and photography image art, sculpture, and statue image black, dark, and park image
aesthetic, gold, and feathers image anatomia, anatomy, and arm image gold, aesthetic, and angel image art, sculpture, and arrow image aesthetic, girl, and summer image book and flowers image
wings, feather, and angel image gods, mythology, and Greece image Image removed achilles image aesthetic, gold, and hermes image 17th century, skin, and wing image
fashion, aesthetic, and black image aesthetic image angel, Angel Wings, and blood image boy, model, and guy image Abusive image Image by Temptation
boy and model image theme, rp, and animal image animal, aesthetic, and theme image boy, dionysus, and mythology image glass and vampire image Image by Darling
art, art studio, and creativity image ash, fire, and hand image mythology, greek mythology, and hephaestus image art, sculpture, and statue image fire, hand, and flame image fire, smoke, and black image
art, sculpture, and dark image dark, male model, and fashion image telekinesis image quotes, text, and words image aesthetic, autumn, and blonde image clouds, sky, and white image
black and photography image Inspiring Image on We Heart It black, aesthetic, and gloves image quotes, book, and words image moscow, silver, and headed image beautiful, Nina Dobrev, and sexy image