Another article so soon?? (you might ask). Well, yes!
Here is a second name tag i wanted to try. Enjoy :)

K - kawaii

pink, cute, and kawaii image aesthetic, artsy, and handwriting image anime, Dream, and fashion image Temporarily removed
personally, i like this the least

A - artsy

yellow, aesthetic, and art image book, coffee, and cozy image beige, belt, and blazer image Temporarily removed
i wish my life would be this aes

R - retro

pink, 80s, and disco image music, record, and aesthetic image aesthetic and jackie image 1960s, 1970s, and 60s image
some groovy 70s vibes

L - lofi

anime, aesthetics, and alone image 90s, aesthetic, and anime image anime, love, and lofi image retro, sunset, and 90s image
spending a calm n soft evening

A - angelcore

white, aesthetic, and architecture image angel, angelic, and chanel image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
jimin being the real angel here am i right?

Thanks for hearting <3 byeeee