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❝ this must sound pretty ridiculous... you don't have to answer, is just taking this out of my chest. I come from a religious family, a lot of perfect siblings, which is pretty amusing. They are all perfect, great works, same values and ways of thinking of my mom, they are what my parents wanted them to be. Me, a person that will never try with law, medicine or anything that will make my life go behind a desk, have some problems...1. i will die before studying a career that my mom wants (artsy things are my passion, I REHUSE to be behind a desk all my life) 2. i am not into boys(? and even though i think my mom knows... it's not that easy. anyways, sorry for wasting your time, i saw this article saying who you where and i thought this could help. thanks again....

We would like to thank the writer for coming to us with this. We want to let her know, the only expectations that you have to live up to are yours. Pursue your happiness!

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Black Artsy Sheep - i had to look during two days for this comment section, but i found it... cheers!
hi Nadine and Paula, honestly, thanks a lot for your kind words. Its kinda hard, gonna live with them for years... not that much of years, but yeah. Your words gave me happiness and I'm grateful. Paula, feel you, I'm sad that you have to live in the closet, no good right? I hope we can both get over it! Lots of kisses and thank u again 🐑
Paula/ @thisismesolar - My little sweetie pie. First of all, it is not ridiculous because you were thinking of it, that makes it important, and your english is juuuust fine! I relate in a spiritual level to your situation. Kinda to everything. My sister is reaaaally "perfect" on my mother's eyes, she is religious, she wants to study medicine, she actually follows her rules, and omg... she is straight! (what a surprise right). I know the feeling of being different, of not wanting to follow the rules your mom gave to you and my friend, totally cool. Look, if the rest of my life is behind a desk too... I might die idk. Anyways, to the important things. I feel you, siblings are amusing... like a lot. And if they are what your parents wanted them to be... crap those guys are annoying!
The career one, look, I wanna study History/Literature because it's a topic I enjoy and I reaaaally imagine myself being a teacher or whatever for the rest of my life. Girl, if you have a career you imagine doing for the rest of your life...
JUST DO IT. Your parents are not going to do that career, they (kinda harsh/sad but it's true) gonna die someday and the only thing left is yourself. Repeat with me beautiful soul, study what makes you happy. In the sexuality topic, feel you too. Coming out is hella scary and If it's with your conservative family it's sooo worst. Have I come out? No. Im living the gay agenda on the internet becase It's not safe for me and if it's not safe for you either, please wait for a safe place. I totally understand the anxiety of being in the closet because I still live there, and I'm sorry that you have to be there, but everything gets better.
At last, you didn't waste my time, I'm kinda... idk but it's weird to know that I can identify in everything with a person I don't know. And that I care about you, is also a feeling that your confession gave me. Please take care and anything you need, I'm here!
Nadine/ @sparkling_tears - Dear anonymous, I want to share a personal story with you that was the most important impact for the decision of what I wanted to study. My father used to install telefons when I was a kid. But in the winter he broke his leg and he started to answer phone calls in a call center instead. Since then he hated his job. He counts the days until the weekend or his vacations. He can't even enjoy his free time, because he always waits for his shit job to start again. For me, it was the perfect example of what I didn't want to become. I don't care how much prestige a job has or how much money I make (when it is enough for a living), I want a job that makes me happy. And you do as well! Please, don't let anyone push you to study something that you don't want or change you into something that you are not. It'll make your life a misery and right now you have a great future ahead of you. There will be a time, when you have enough freedom to choose how close you want to be with your family. If they won't accept and support you, maybe it will be better to keep a certain distance. Don't let them stand between you and your happiness. If your family makes you feel like a black sheep, find people that welcome you with open arms. You'll find your environment where the others value you as much as you deserve it! I know that my answer doesn't really change your situation right now. But I want you to know that I support you! I think that you stand up for the right values! Be strong and don't let them change you! Hang in there as long as you have to and then go out and shine!
Abby/ @gypsophiliet - hi anon! i can get what you're saying, because i'm in (kind of) the similar situation. you shouldn't think that you're not 'good enough' just because you don't fit the standards your parents have put up. everybody has their own talents. i believe that if you were in a different family than you are now, you would have been the 'perfect' child. but that aside, don't feel forced to continue with studying something/have a career in something that is boring for you. although it might be pressuring and frightening, open and mutual communication is always the best tactic. so, try to explain to your mother that you don't want to follow through with business/law/medicine, and that you want to study art. when it comes to YOU, your parents aren't the one who should make the decision how your life turns out, it should be you yourself. whatever happens, you're still their child and they are still your parents, whether or not they may support you or encourage you, they love you still. try your best to convince them. you may be the black sheep of your family, but they are still your family. sometimes we may not get along with them, but i really believe that family remains family at the end of the day. even if you might not be on the best relations with them, that doesn't mean you are required to get along with them. you have your own set of people who support and love you for who you are. you aren't the odd one out among the latter group of people. if you haven't found those people yet, don't worry, because you will. we meet different people throughout our life, which is honestly a blessing. as for your sexuality, that's a very tough topic, especially since you come from a religious family. i think you should think about your own connection with your religion and what your religion says about sexualities other than straight. i know there may be a few religions that prohibit this and a few that don't. on that note, you should think about what you feel related to your religion. do you feel connected to it? do you value it and conform to it? then, after thinking over this, decide what you will do next. remember again, your sexuality is something about you and not something your parents, or anyone else for that matter, should determine. sorry, this is messy, but i hope you feel better soon! good luck and stay safe :)

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