me and my boyfriend are watching together so i decided to do it for him.

Luther Hargreeves (Number one)

moon, art, and drawing image aesthetic, dad, and quotes image chest, Hot, and hairy image vintage, music, and photography image

Diego Hargreeves (Number 2)

Abusive image quotes, grunge, and heart image aesthetic and grunge image love, mum, and quotes image
"momma's boy"

Allison Hargreeves (Number 3)

Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It rumors, text, and the umbrella academy image black, chic, and dress image
"the rumor"

Klaus Hargreeves (Number 4)

Temporarily removed dog tags and aesthetic image boy, skeleton, and indie image grunge, pills, and pale image
"the séance"

Five Hargreeves (Number five)

alternative, grunge, and hipster image 80, 90, and age image time travel image smile, boy, and dimples image
"the boy"

Ben Hargreeves (Number 6)

fashion, jacket, and style image Image removed dead image octopus, red, and aesthetic image
"The horror"

Vanya Hargreeves (Number 7)

Temporarily removed fashion and outfit image Temporarily removed quotes, orange, and words image
"the white violin"