Name: Connie Holloway
Age: 15 (S1), 16 (S2), 17 (S3)
Birthday: November 1st 1968


icon image female, goals, and style image freckles, aesthetic, and tumblr image eyes, glasses, and bleueyes image
Blonde. Blue eyes. Fair skin.


aesthetic, theme, and vintage image aesthetic, alternative, and carefree image classic, grey, and sneakers image adorable, body, and grunge image
Relaxed. Casual. Preppy.


high school and hawkins image school and مدرسة image vintage, pool, and indie image stranger things and pool image
Student at Hawkins High School and works a weekend job as a trainee lifeguard at Hawkins Community Pool.


retro and socks image 80s, dead mall, and interior design image music, vintage, and aesthetic image vintage, photography, and film image
Rollerblading. Shopping at the Mall. Listening to records. Photography.

Friends and Family:

aesthetic, series, and tv show image stranger things and max image
Max Hargrove. Best friend.
stranger things, robin, and steve harrington image gif, robin, and friends image
Robin and Steve. Friends.
aesthetic and stranger things image aesthetic, couple, and grunge image
Jonathon and Nancy. Friends.
icon, netflix, and heather holloway image stranger things and heather holloway image
Heather Holloway. Sister.

Halloween Costume [S1]:

dorothy and Oz image color, shoes, and red image
Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz.

SnowBall School Dance [S2]:

90's, ethereal, and school dance image Back to the Future, marty mcfly, and guitar image Image by m dress, homecoming, and nineties image