i was inspired by:

august by saintt b

i always get sad around august
it's the month of my birthday
this time of year my heart just wants to burst
in this world it doesn't wish to stay
analog, drink, and girl image lips, stars, and pink image
it starts slow - first that painful hate
that painful hate towards myself
and my being of state
the numbness usually starts around the twelfth
hair image aesthetic, glasses, and freckles image
then everything goes to hell
i do nothing, i like nothing, i am nothing
but on the 28th, like a shrieking bell,
i am shaken to life by my day of aging
red, years, and nineteen image aesthetics, eyes, and photo image
every year, on my day of aging, my stay in existence becomes longer
but my desire to evaporate becomes stronger
Image removed alcohol, beauty, and cool image
i hope you all enjoyed !