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So today is my birthday and I wanted to write about 18 things I've learned in 18 years.

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1. Everything will be okay.
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2. Do not stress over small things because the things you are stressing about now, you are not going to even remember them later.
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3. The best of friends are the ones that push you and encourage you to go forward.
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4. Love is what matters.
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5. Be passionate about the things you love to do.
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6. Don't listen to the people who are trying to get you down.
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7. It's okay to be sad and cry.
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8. Take care of your life.
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9. Do things that you love and things that are out of your comfort zone.
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10. Listen to the music you want.
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11. Let yourself be different and be yourself.
you are, choose wisely, and the music you listen to image aesthetic, broken, and changes image
12. People change.
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13. People come and go.
friends, summer, and sea image kind image
14. Loosen up. Have fun. It's okay to be silly.
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15. Work hard.
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16. Have breaks and take care of yourself.
supportive, be respectful to elders, and be helpful to the young image change the world and be kind quotes image
17. Be kind and respectful to others but don't let them push you around.
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18. Thank my family and my friends.
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Happy 18th birthday to me.

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