Hey everyone!! Welcome to my stupid diary. Yeah. I really love making fun of myself. Maybe it's a little bit more than making fun of myself, it's more like vilifying myself and my diary. I'm sorry. Just like Halsey said, "I would leave me if I could." I know these days everyone is like "love yourself" and blablabla. But I don't think I can do that. I am the last person that I can love. Not even the last maybe, oh whatever. Let's get into my dramatic and boring at the same time (somehow) life.

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I think the only exciting thing in my life right now is that I got a new computer. Okay so my other computer is still completely working and I can still play weird games on it. But that was a desktop and the one I got new is a laptop. Obviously you know the difference. I just made my preference list for university. And I hope I can get into one of them. Actually university is the reason why I bought a laptop. You know, every college student needs one.

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Aand I think the other exciting thing is -okay, if you don't really care about friendship (especially online friendship) you can stop reading this cause it may be boring for you- that my online best friend came back to me! The last time we fought, it was really a bad one and I was so hopeless about she's coming back. I knew that it was over. But a few days ago, she asked me about my university exam results. And of course we talked about the other stuff, too. But I'm so happy that she came back. I hope I can meet her someday. She really wants that too.

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Now time for sad things. Today is my birthday And I became 18, FINALLY! It felt like 17 is going to last forever... But I'm here, I'm 18 now. Well, it doesn't really seem different from 17 but we'll see. And, now as you all are wondering (yeah sure you do...) where is the sad part? Get ready.

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No one has celebrated my birthday. No one. No. Body. Anyone. (Except for my online friend.)

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Not because that I really care, but I always celebrate my other friends' birhtdays. It's kinda sad that they didn't even remember mine.

Soo this is all for now from my kinda boring kinda sad kinda exciting life. See you in an other entry. I hope you all are happy and I hope someone celebrates your birthday. Even if nobody does, remember I'm here for you. Happy birthday. (to me and to everyone who has no one to celebrate it.)

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