Hi.... My lazy ass forgot to do this so now we are doing it... yey. I'm sorry I forget i actually have to write articles and its like oh... okay.

Anyways, i don't have that much to say because my life is kinda boring.
And the different kinda music is @TaintedAesthatics fault... Love youuuu but is your fault my friend.

Lets do this my people.

Don't blame me - Taylor Swift
Reputation, Taylor Swift, and dont blame me image background, blame, and me image
Bad idea! - girl in red
flowers, sky, and pink image lesbian, Lyrics, and girl in red image
Alone - Nico Collins
alternative, artist, and indie image Image by chaoticwhore
If the walls could talk - 5SOS
Image by vike&14 luke hemmings, 5sos, and michael clifford image
Paradise - Eric Nam
eric, gif, and nam image aesthetic, eric, and gif image
Killer queen - 5SOS
aesthetic image studio, killer queen, and luke hemmings image
Your eyes tell - BTS
jin, rm, and suga image gif, kpop gifs, and bangtan boys image
Easy - Troye Sivan
Easy, troye sivan, and troye image black and white, boys, and Easy image

Its kinda short... but i specially love this articles. Drink water, stay safe! And probably study... im sorry kids.

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