According to WHO statistics, more than 17 million people infected with the coronavirus. The number of victims of the "Chinese epidemic" increases every day. At the moment, 683 thousand people have died of this disease. And this is already a significant cause for concern, not only on the part of the WHO but also of economists. Forecasts indicate that prices will certainly rise due to the scarcity of certain goods. Every buyer from the Russian Federation should be ready for this. One of the signals is exchange rate fluctuations against the background of the instability of world economies. These are the reasons why the government has to fund some companies. These are the reasons why the government has to fund some companies. Alexey Khobot is sure that the Fonbet bookmaker was included in the list of budget-generating enterprises for a reason.

Why Even Successful Companies Need Government Funding?

Many people are sure that with self-isolation and quarantine, Fonbet profit increases. But this is a delusion. Seemingly, if people stay at home and idle, that not only experienced bettors but also those who did not place bets, in their free time will try to make a profit at least somehow. But you should understand that Fonbet is mainly sports betting and not a casino. Due to the fact that many matches have been canceled, the interest in betting is not the same as before. Therefore, any information about high profits is a lie. Such news is mainly related to the black PR of competitors.

Will Fonbet Be Able to Overcome the Crisis Without Additional Funds?

Fonbet is a large company operating all over the world. According to the financial report for 2019, the profit of the business owners is only increasing. If we are talking about state funding, then this is due to the need to pay salaries to a large staff of employees. Without additional funds, such specialists can be fired. If additional funds are not received, some specialists will have to be fired. This is hardly what the Fonbet leadership wants, so they had to cooperate with the state. However, this is not the only one in which the shareholders of the betting company are involved.

Charity Fonbet

Fonbet is involved in charity campaigns. On August 1, the company's management decided to allocate another 15 million rubles. To date, those in need have received more than 60 million rubles, and the total amount of donations to charity is 85 million. These are facts that confirm the profitability of the bookmaker and that the company's management is not alien to the problems of people. Alexey Khobot is sure that the company's representatives do their best not to leave people in a difficult situations.
Help is still being provided to those who really need it: orphanages, shelters, boarding schools. The recipients of charity funds provided by the Fonbet company will also be veterans of the Great Patriotic War, older people living in nursing homes, as well as charitable organizations that help people in difficult situations.

Help for Children With Special Needs

FONBET also helped the Tatarstan charitable foundation "Dreams Fulfillment". The allocated funds will be used to buy food packages for families with children with special needs. The Udmurt Dream Fulfillment Fund received money for the purchase of special desks for an orphanage in the village of Kanifolnoye. Another recipient of FONBET's facilities was the Sverdlovsk Regional Public Charitable Organization "Children's Disabled Sports and Health Center". The company helped SOOBO DISPO-center to purchase sports equipment.