Hearing the word "quarantine" is enough to make me feel extremely exhausted. At the beginning of the year I felt so lost and I believe that we should keep in mind one important thing.
Taking care of ourselves.

I think that our body is the priority of utmost importance. Body and mind.

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When we feel bad, when we are at our lowest, -not necessarily right now with quarantine, but in general- we tend to not take care of our image as much as we did before.

Many times is something we don't realize, but our physical body is as important as our mind. If we don't take care of our bodies, we'll probably feel a little bit low, and vice versa.

I'm not saying that you should, for example; go now and shave, some people like it, some people need it (ex: some sports), some others not, and others don't like it. But improving yourself in the way each of us know it's special.

I believe that having something interest you is one of the best things to keep yourself up, active and motivated.

It doesn't have to be necessarily doing yoga, painting, or anything exceptional. Every little thing works fine.

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The best way of glowing up is captivating yourself with multiple moments. Turn little actions into big thoughts. Search, seek and improve.

Go and do what you enjoy the most.

Bring positivity into your life.

And if someone is trying to low your self-esteem in your life, ignore them.

Try to see the world with different eyes.

Try more than one perspective.

Try to search what is that you want to do with your life and how to achieve it.

Keep it up!




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