01. keanu reeves!!!

boys image 90s, keanu reeves, and vintage image

02. alex turner

alex turner, arctic monkeys, and indie image adorable, alex turner, and arctic monkeys image

03. morrissey

morrissey and moz image 80s, morrissey, and the smiths image

04. river phoenix

90s, aesthetic, and film image river phoenix, 90s, and boy image

05. james franco

james franco and boy image james franco, boy, and Hot image

06. tony stark (robert downey jr.)

iron man, Marvel, and tony stark image gif, ironman, and robert downey jr image

07. peter quill (chris pratt)

chris pratt and karen gillan image Avengers, edit, and icon image

08. seth cohen (the o.c.)

bitch, boy, and heart image the oc, seth cohen, and adam brody image

09. stanley barber (im not okay with this)

stan, stanley, and netflix image Image by Private User

10. five hargreeves (the umbrella academy)

the umbrella academy image five, the umbrella academy, and number five image

11. steven hyde (that 70s show)

love, actor, and that 70s show image that 70s show, hyde, and steven image

12. lana del rey

lana del rey, aesthetic, and alternative image lana del rey, flowers, and vintage image

13. blair waldorf (gossip girl)

blair, blair waldorf, and champagne image blair waldorf, gossip girl, and quote image

14. regina george (mean girls)

aesthetic, beautiful, and mean girls image girls image

15. jackie burkhart (that 70s show)

Image by 199X that 70s show, jackie burkhart, and aesthetic image