Hi, writers!

I´m new here, and I thought of making an account about writing, but not a common one, I wanted to make it special.

I have always loved that part of YouTube or Instagram dedicated especially to books, writing and literature, what we know as BookTube and Bookgram.
I don't think there was anything like it around here yet so I thought about creating #WeBook.
Now I am going to explain what my account would consist of, and at the end of the article I will leave you my social networks in case you want to start following this new idea.

Hope you like it!

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1- Dates & Events

New Articles Every Wednesday & Sunday
  • Every 1st of each month: there will be a vote to choose the new main theme of the month, that is, the literary genre you want for that month. For example either: romance, thriller, adventure, fantasy, poetry ... Depending on what is chosen, there will be articles related to that genre, but even so, there will be varied articles on other topics and genres if you don't like that type of book. ♡
  • Every 15th of each month: there will be a Book Haul (here I will show you the books that I bought that month and I will give you a summary of their synopsis so that you can read them if you like. Here there will be a great variety of genres.) ❄
  • Every last day of each month: there will be a Wrap Up (I will tell you about the books I have read that month with a short review and a score, so that you can discover new stories to read)
  • Also Every Month: There will be a section that already exists here called #journalofawriter, where we will talk about writing tips, publishing a book, writing chalenges... and you can write to me to talk about your ideas, manuscripts and much more!
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I have also thought about creating an instagram account. When it is created I will let you know here so you can follow it. Besides, I would love to do a podcast in the future as well.
For now, I would like to tell you that I hope you like my profile, that I help you and continue to love books.
For me writing is something magical, and I hope I can convey this with my articles.

It's Writer
It's Writer
don´t forget to follow the account for all the new articles and collections!

You can find me here:

E- Mail: itsdreamwriter14@gmail.com

GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/119829374-its-writer

See you soon!

@itswriter 13/8/20