Do you often feel lazy to exercise? Use these tips which will increase your motivation for regular exercise.✌

First of all, try to understand the main reasons why you feel too lazy for any physical exercises. It can be some of them.

You Don’t See Changes
Changes do not come next day. Remember: it can take up to 6 weeks before you start noticing some changes in your body.

You Don’t Like Exercise
It is very important to find a type of exercises that fits to you. try different yoga classes, download workout apps.

You Don’t Have Enough Time
Or maybe you don't want to spend your free time for physical activities. So, maybe the time is not the main reason you don't exercise.

Motivational tips

Write down quotes that inspire you to exercise and hang them on the walls.

Inspirational wall decoration

Make a calendar for your exercises. It will be easier to track your progress.

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Reward yourself. The promise of a watching two TV series, or gaming can keep you going!