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I'm so sorry I haven't post for so long, I had a lot of things to do for the University and now I'm finally free (well, for a while at least). Today I am starting a new section of articles, I've seen a lot on WHI and I really love the idea to create a character for you favorite show or movie. So, for the first time, it's time for Glee, my most recent and complete Series. So, let's get started!


Name: Madison Bunkley
Age: 16
Birthplace: Colorado
Nicknames: Maddie, Mads
When does she appear?: Season 2


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She has blue eyes and wavy brown hair. You will always see her smiling, with dimples in her cheeks. She is not so tall but her height is good


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She has a very girly style but also likes to be comfy. Maddie loves skirts and sweaters, but when she dances ballet, she likes to be comfortable as much as possible. Also, she likes bright colours, but grey suits her very well


Maddison is a very sweet girl, she loves helping the others and would give you both of her hands in any situation. She is very patient and loyal, you won't see her loosing control often. Maddie is the definition of joy, she brings everyone up, cheers them and spreads positivity in the Glee Club and in every place she is. She is very passionate and hardworking too


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She is an only child and has a very good relationship with both of her parents. Since she was little, Maddie loves singing and dancing and has taken classes to express her talent, winning some competitions. She dreams to be in Juilliard too and become a professional dancer, although it would mean a big sacrifice to get in there for her parents. When she was 11 years old, she met Finn at a camp in Lima (she has family there) and became really good friends, but they were able to see each other on vacations every year. But when she turns 16, she and her family move to Lima and that's when Maddie stars school in McKinley with Finn and joins in the Glee Club


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Love of my Life - Queen


Finn Hudson

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Friends since the camp, they were like brother and sister. He was his first friend in Mckinley and always stood up for her, and for Mads, she will always listen to him and give him advices, besides helping him in everything. When he passed away, she had never felt so much pain in her entire life.

Mercedes Jones

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Maddie thinks that Mercedes was her first female friend inside Mckinley. She was nice to her since she came and their voices together were a powerful combination

Kurt Hummel

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They were shy at first but once they connected they were very good friends. She was actually one of the firsts persons to meet Blaine (which ended up being his best friend). There was a time were they distance a little bit but at the end they realised this and hang out more often

Quinn Fabray

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She knew her from Finn and she was friendly with her when she had no friends in the new school. She encourage Madison to became a cheerio in Season 3

Blaine Anderson

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Since Kurt presented them, they became inseparable. They do everything together and support each other no matter what. They were always there for the other.

The Season 4 Glee Club

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She was one of the Seniors when the new Glee Club came. She really get along with every member (especially Kitty, Unique and Marley) and help them mostly on the dance part of the numbers and competitions. Although she missed the OG Members at first, she became good friends with them


Sam Evans

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They kinda fell for each other since they met, but they were shy and tried to ignore their feelings. Although they flirted and spent a lot of time together (she helping him studying or dancing, singing or taking care of Sam's siblings), theirs hearts ached when the other was with someone else romantically. In Season 4, she confessed her feelings for him when she went to her Juilliard audition with him and started dating. They had their ups and downs but always got their way to figure out the problems. In the last episode, we found out that they got married and were expecting their first baby


- Only Girl (in the World) and Diamonds, both by Rihanna

- This Love by Maroon 5

- Circus by Britney Spears (she sings it when she is a Cheerio and they were performing)

- I almost do by Taylor Swift

- Part of Me by Katy Perry

-Talking to the Moon, both by Bruno Mars

- Heart out by the 1975

- Try by P!nk

- Hello Brooklyn by All Time Low


- You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift, perform with Sam

- The A Team by Ed Sheeran, perform with Blaine

- Waterloo by ABBA, perform with Blaine and Sam

- One Thing by One Direction, perform with Quinn, Blaine and Artie

- Cups by Anna Kendrick, perform with Santana

- Payphone by Maroon 5, perform with Finn


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Alright that was it for today! Hope you guys liked it as much as I did. I can't wait to do more articles like this but from different TV Shows and perhaps Movies. Here are my other articles if you want to read more:

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