Welcome back to my top 10 favorite comebacks of the month. Honestly, July was amazing on comebacks. It was pretty difficult to narrow these songs down. Sorry, this is a little late. I've been trying to figure out a lot of things with transferring colleges so it's been chaotic. As always, this is no hate to any group or artist just my opinion and taste in music. I try to watch every comeback I can, but sometimes I miss some. If you want to keep track of comebacks like I do, I use kville entertainment on youtube.

1. Holo by Lee Hi

2. Monster by Irene and Seulgi

3. Maria by Hwasa

4. What are you waiting for by Somi

5. Starlight by N.Flying

6. Paradise by Eric Nam

7. Play by Chungha ft. Changmo

8. Cartoon by Zico

9. Ohio by Crush

10. When I smoke by Bloo