tag me if you use the tag, i'd love to see all
your future wedding ideas
but i also have a lot of expectations for my wedding
ahah, this tag was just really fun to do

1. where do you want your proposal?

beach, summer, and sunset image summer, night, and friends image

with the right guy, it would be perfect no matter where it was but if i had to choose, it would be nice if on a beach at sunset or at dusk

2. what is your ideal engagement ring?

ring, diamonds, and wedding image ring, diamond, and gold image

The silver diamond of the ring needs to be oval or round, and there must be diamonds that are getting smaller on both sides of the diamond.

3. where will the wedding take place?

outdoor, reception, and wedding image nature, flowers, and aesthetic image

there will be a prairie wedding

4. what kind of dress do you want?

fashion, bra, and lingerie image dress, wedding, and wedding dress image

For me, a wedding dress with strappy sleeve, full lace and a fluffy skirt is perfect

5. what are the bridesmaids wearing?

Image by L I V bridesmaid and dress image

flight flight pink bohemian sleeves dress looks perfect

6. what does your bouquet look like?

flowers, white, and tulips image boyfriend, fashion, and nails image

absolutely white tulips and a white ribbon

7. who is your maid of honour?

bride, fashion, and feel image beach, beauty, and besties image

absolutely one of my best friends

8. how many bridesmaids do you want?

friends and bridesmaid image

i think one maid of honor and three other bridesmaids

9. veil or no veil?

fashion, dress, and aesthetic image brand, bride, and dress image

to be honest, i don't like veils at all

10. how is your hair done?

hair, girl, and hairstyle image girl, summer, and beach image

half knit bun and the remaining hair is straightened

11. what does your makeup look like?

Temporarily removed wedding, fashion, and wedding dress image

a karmen pink lipstick, a light copper blush, eyeliner, mascara and very little earth eye shadow

12. what does the cake look like?

casamento, festa, and wedding image wedding cake image

a three-tiered, white and croquant striped cake with chocolate inside, cherry and caramel

13. what colour are your nails?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

long purple striped nails

14. winter or summer wedding?

bag, chanel, and clothes image bag, chanel, and clothes image

It will definitely be a fall wedding because I am in love with orange leaves

15. is there a particular month you'd like to get married?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It fall, header, and autumn image

September because the most beautiful month of autumn

16. where is your honeymoon?

beach, boyfriend, and fashion image beach, sunset, and couple image

definitely in the caribbean

17. will you get an event planner?

checklist, design, and etsy image

no because it will be a very simple wedding and only our close relatives and best friends will come

18. how many people would you invite?

love, flowers, and couple image dress, wedding, and beautiful image

Around 40

19. which earrings will you be getting?

butterfly, earrings, and jewelry image earrings and butterfly image

my grandmother's gift, my butterfly-shaped earrings with small pearl beads and pink diamonds

20. would you have a photographer and videographer?

couple, love, and wedding image Temporarily removed

probably just a photographer

21. save the dates or invitations?

wedding image invitations, weddings, and save the dates image

save the invitations

22. what do you want to do the night before the wedding?

dog, cute, and puppy image beauty, handmade, and mask image

After checking that everything is fine, I put a mask on my face and sleep

23. would you consider pre-martial counselling?

yeah, it sounds like a good idea

24. would you rather see a video of the event or get a photo album made?

album, create, and diy image fashion, girl, and memories image

I definitely want both

25. is there a perfect song you have in mind for the first dance?

Band of Horses - The Funeral

26. one must have item?

confetti, dress, and pastel image Temporarily removed

white confetti, balloons and seagulls