If you need to brush up on your skills to work from home efficiently, you are in the correct place! We are living through a very interesting time right now and a lot of people need help with this at the moment (including me!). I think my first thought was “omg I can do everything I want and get things done while I’m watching Netflix from my house?” It was like vacations in some kind of way, but that only lasted two weeks. At the beginning of the third week, I was struggling so much, it was so hard even to get out of bed! So I made my goal to have a routine that will actually help me be productive. So here are my tips on working from home:

1. Get a good night sleep

This is one of the biggest secrets to having a day full of energy. This is how your body can recover from the activities you’ve done during the day (and prevent wrinkles from lack of sleep, we do not want that!). So try to be in a dark, quiet, and cool room to have a successful sleep. Avoid screens before sleeping, don’t watch the news, or scroll down on social media, this can increase anxiety (especially during days of COVID-19). So you better listen to some relaxing music, have a tea and try to read a book.

2. Have a morning routine
Having a morning ritual has helped a lot! Which for me consist of getting a glass of water, reading my devotional, stretching, and getting some breakfast. Doing this mentally takes me from my home life to my work life, it’s like telling my brain ” hello we entering office time”.

3. Check your to-do list

This will ensure that you stay focused during work hours. What I recommend is to make a list of priorities for your day. The tool that has worked for me to keep track of all the activities during my week is Asana, I LOVE IT! If you are a person who likes to plan your day, I recommend you download the app, it’s the best! (believe me, I’ve downloaded so many apps and none of them had the tools that I really needed) It also has a web version so you can organize everything from there.

If you do not have a to-do list, it’s very easy for distractions on your computer (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and home chores, to get on your way and not let you finish your work. A list is super useful to respect your time!

4. Create a distinct workspace

Spaces affect your mentality so much! When working from home is crucial to stimulate that separate office space. Place your desk away from your bed to avoid the temptation to go back to sleep! Also, place it near a window so you get sunlight. Try to keep a tidy, clutter-free desk so you feel good in your workspace with nothing to bother you. Another tip is that you can de-clutter not only the desk but also your computer. I realized that I was getting a little stressed out just seeing screenshots, apps that I didn’t really use and documents everywhere. So try to keep everything organized in the cloud, you can use Google Drive, Mega, Dropbox, or other storage platforms.

5. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Sometimes things won’t work out the way they should. It happened to me that I did not have wifi for a whole day! Can you imagine? I had a lot of things that needed to be done ASAP. So, by communication, you can alert your coworkers about what is happening in your work area. I imagine some employees may ask themselves questions like “are they even doing anything right now?” because they are not used to working remotely, therefore, they cannot see you and know what projects you are working on, so communication is key, let them know what you are doing to facilitate an efficient and productive work from home environment.

6. Turn distractions off

Being at home can have its good things, for example, you have access to the kitchen all the time, who doesn’t love that?, or TV, your pet, you name it! Everything is at your fingertips! But when you think you can multi-task and do everything at once, that’s when things are not going to go well. Social Media is designed so that you are scrolling all day, so avoid all kinds of distractions, if possible put your cell phone in another room. Another tip that has worked for me is listening to this type of playlists on Spotify, it is lyric-free focus music because if I can’t find myself singing and I can’t concentrate anymore.

7. Create a reward for yourself at the end of the day

Do you remember after-office nights? It feels like years have gone by without going out! But since we can’t do that right now, maybe you can FaceTime a friend, watch a movie, a show, read a book, or something that makes you look forward too! It’s good to have plans so that you can push yourself to finish what was on your to-do list and thus enjoy the end of the day!

So those are my tips on how you can survive this work from home phase! But if you are not feeling 100% productive, take it easy on yourself, it’s ok, just remember that sometimes work helps as a distraction for your mind!