hi! welcome to fairy garden, a place full of colors, flowers and peace. I hope you enjoy your stay here!
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thatยดs your house. oh, you have such a gorgeous garden. look at those cute bunnies right there!!
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oh, please, make some silence, the fairies are appearing!
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those are jungkook and taehyung, they are really good friends. oh, theyยดre having a picnic!
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that cute one is jimin. but shh, heยดs sleeping! donยดt wake him up.
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oh, yoongi and hoseok are eating strawberries!! umh, now iยดm really hungry. :(.
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seokjin and namjoon are right there! they look really cute playing with the beautiful butterflies.
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oh, sadly is getting too late. tomorrow we will continue exploring the fairy garden. did you have fun today? i really hope so! letยดs go.
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thanks for reading <3!.
- g.