hey guys!!

welcome to another article! for today’s article i’m going to show you how i imagine my dream bedroom would be

why? you may be asking yourself… well, because i believe that even if you can’t create your dream bedroom for now, you can always search for some inspiration. anyway, i’m here to show you my dream bedroom, and maybe inspire you, in case you need.

Dream Bed
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i want a low bed, so the chance of me falling down and hurt myself is smaller, and if possible with big windows behind
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i want a big closet where i can put all my clothes like in a store (sorry, not sorry, but i always thought that was really nice and it would be so much easy to find exactly what i want), and if not possible, have a big open wardrobe where i could easy find my clothes would be enough
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i want a nice desk where i could not just do my make up but also put my jewelry. obviously with a nice big mirror and a cute chair
Wall Decor
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i would like to have my walls all white and then 1 of them with a bunch of pictures that i love
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to what comes to decor, i want a clothes rack to put what i'll wear the next day. also i'm a fan of big low tables where i can put things like books, plants, candles...
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i know how i am, and i know my room would be full with small/medium size art, flowers, books, candles and accessories, also, some teddy bears...

well, it’s everything for today! thank you for reading! i’ll come back soon with more
xx s. 👼🏼

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