hey guys! it’s been a while since i’ve written an article but i’ve decided to get back into it! all these playlists are on my spotify (kalijl). happy reading :)

cloudy café

flowers, morning, and pink image coffee and photography image
this playlist was originally created for just the vibes but when I was told it ‘sounded like a heavenly café’ I started to center it around more of a chatty café vibe.

old isle summers

aesthetic, fashion, and flowers image beach, blue, and brown image
the theme of this playlist is those old yet new happy songs that just make me feel like it’s summer again.

oh to be not studying

architecture, aesthetic, and beautiful image aesthetic, alternative, and angelic image
this is all my classical songs! it’s usually used for hardcore studying as indicated by the title.*

let’s disassociate

aesthetic, bathroom, and geometric image archive, nostalgia, and unreality image
I was originally going for a backrooms feel with this playlist but now it’s more songs I can just relax and feel nothing with.

songs that sound like limbo

Image removed rainbowcore and colorful image
this is all of my glitchpop songs! they make me feel good in the brain.

kingsley’s radio

turkiye, cumhuriyet, and 1930 i̇stanbul image 1930, eski istanbul, and pera palas image
this is all of my old 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s songs that make me feel like a ghost.

open rain-filled sky

aesthetic, chill, and soft image paris, rain, and france image
ukuleles are the star of the show in this playlist!

probably a coming of age movie

Image by Private User aesthetic, soft, and aesthetics image
it’s a classic coming of age playlist, nothing new!


aesthetic, dark, and promise image city, bed, and sky image
this is my most empty playlist but I still adore it! these make me feel like I belong in a blue, floor-length dress.
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