Name: Umika Audrey Remington
Age: 22
Occupation: Actress
Instagram: @ umiremi


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Brown eyes. Strong brows. Dark curly hair. Tanned complexion.

Casual Wear:

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Practical. Put-together. Coordinated.

Awards Show:

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Elegant. Glam. Haut Couture.

Movie / Show Premiere:

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Sophisticated. Refined. Smart. Suarve.


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Madelyn Cline, Timothee Chalamet, Devon Lee Carlson & Dylan Minnette. Madelyn was a longterm friend of Umika's from before she became an actress. Umika was a big fan of Timothee's work and after meeting him at an awards show the two remained good friends. Umika met Devon on a work trip to LA, which is also where she met Dylan when Umika went to see his band perform live.


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Drew Starkey. Madelyn Cline introduced Umika to Drew when they finished filming their Netflix series Outer Banks together, and from then on Drew and Umika continued to get to know each other.


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A townhouse apartment in NY.

Instagram Feed:

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Travel. Friends. Food. Lifestyle.