Ever since i was little i wanted to publish my own book, i used to think it was completely impossible for me to do such a big thing like this and just gave up.
it all started in the fifth grade, my teacher came and told us there was a writing contest to be held at the school, so i decided to try it just for fun, i wrote a story called "the land of dreams" it was about a girl named dreams and she had her own land with talking animals and all, the girl had an accident and forgot her memory and her land, so the story was about her journey to get her memory back.
i handed it to my teacher and a few days later she told me that my story was chosen among all the others, i got invited into a kind of a showcase where all the winners from all the nearby school were present and we were all given a book with our stories in it, and we each got to read a bit of our stories in front of many people.

ever since that day, I have been wanting to actually publish my own book, at the age of 14 i wrote a short story called "The Last One" it was about a zombie apocalypse and a guy being the last person on earth, it was honestly pretty impressive although i don't want to brag but being a 14-year-old and English isn't my first or second language, it wasn't a normal thing for a person my age where i live.
I printed a few copies on my printer and gave them to my friends, which made me so happy I remember that.
and then in high school i wrote a poem for my english literature essay and got an A.
now two weeks ago i turned 20, and i published my own poetry book before i turned 20 in 10 days.
it took me a week to two weeks to fully finish everything, the hard part wasn't the poems, it was editing everything on KDP publishing where i published my book on Amazon.
i didn't know how to do it and i asked for help from others and watched videos and spent hours and hours on the laptop fixing everything, there were some frustrating moments where i wanted to give up everything because nothing was working out, but then i kept on rewriting and fixing and editing till it worked out.

after everything worked and they accepted my book, i was going to cry from happiness, after failing so many times.
and my book is now in my hands and i'm so happy!!!
my book is called "The Starless Moonlight" and it is a collection of poems and my own photography about life and thoughts and also when i see something i like, i make a poem about it, i made a poem about a tv show that has a deep place in my heart, i've also written a poem about my home PALESTINE which is one of my favoruite poems in my whole book, the book is 150 pages and it is 8$ in amazon US, it's also avaialble in other amazon websites.
if you have read until this point then you are so special to me and thank you so much for reading this.😍😍
this book means so much to me and it would mean the world to me if someone orders it or shares about it 😍😍

these next pictures are my poetry book and some poems i've made with pictures.

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Image by tia
Image by tia
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