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» Summer: Sand clad hair, sun kissed skin, pearly white smile and kind eyes. Under eye freckles and ankle bracelets. Beachy vibes and surf boards. Long walks on the beach and sandcastles in the sand.

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girl, anime, and art image flowers, daisy, and nature image

» Spring: Sun dresses and bare feet, flower fields and picnics, hair clips and wind tossed hair, car rides and photography.

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autumn, coffee, and cozy image autumn, tree, and fall image

» Autumn: Red hair and scarves, flannels and skinny jeans, leaves that change color and knee high boots, dog companion and cinnamon candles, sweet smile and a wild side.

dog, animal, and cute image pumpkin, candle, and autumn image


braid, hair, and girl image book and black image

» Winter: Beautiful blonde hair, snow droplets, over-sized gray knit sweaters and pom-pom beanies, avid book collector, decorates for Christmas in November, loves puppies and kittens, rainy days and good coffee.

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