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Basic Info

Name: Aiuchi Oka
Stage Name: OKA (meaning cherry blossom)
Birthday: August 12, 1994
Nationality: Japanese ( by father), Korean ( by mother)
Language: Japanese, Korean, English
Solo o Group: Solo


Height: 1,69 m
Weight: 48 Kg
Eye colors: Brown
Hair: Pink

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OKA is a very confident girl.She is talent,hardworking and very friendly. She would jump in the fire for the people that she loves and trusts.


- Airport/ everyday

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- On stage

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- Interviews

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ID: @ Oka_blooming
posts: 792
followers: 4.2M
following: 121

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Idol Friends

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LiSA (Risa Oribe)
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One Ok Rock
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Ike ( Spyair)


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Toru Yamashita. OKA and the band One Ok Rock met at a rock music festival where they both had to perform. The band invited OKA to have dinner with them as they wanted to compliment on her performance, and after dinner Toru asked for her number. From there they started texting every day and after 3 months they formalized their relationship.

- she has an older brother,
- she was discovered through the covers she did on youtube,
- she loves playing her guitar and composing new songs,
- she loves eat and hang out with her friends,
- in 2018, she became ambassador of Christian Dior,
- she has tattoos

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Debute Date : February 2th, 2017
Company: Warner Music Japan
Band name: Flight of the Petals

Debut song
" It's My TURN "
-> combination of “Good Night” by Dreamcather and “Sunrise” by Gfriend