Hello everyone and welcome back to my articles page! Happy Wednesday and hoping you all are having a good week. It's been a while since I posted an article and I sure did miss it...glad to be back. Today's article is another this and that but a fitness edition. Thought it would be fun and a good way to know more about my fitness prefrences, I guess you can say.

This or that
Fitness edition:

1. Exercise or diet?

fitness, abs, and workout image beats, leggings, and mirror selfie image

2. Weights or cardio

fitness image fitness, running, and run image

3. Mountain climbers or burpees?

fitness, girl, and gym image fit, fitness, and workout image
Mountain climbers

4. Jump rope or high knees?

fitness, nike, and body image fitness, healthy, and rope image
Jump rope

5. Protein shakes or meal preps?

drink, green, and aesthetic image coffee, drink, and healthy image
Protein shakes

6. Squats or lunges?

abs, back, and butt image fitness, gym, and squat image

7. Leg day or arm day?

abs, butt, and fitness image abs, fitness, and model image
Leg day

8. Crop top or sports bra?

fitness, fit, and nike image fitness, abs, and workout image
Sports bra

9. Shorts or leggings?

fashion, shorts, and pink image clothes, shorts, and fashion image

10. Treadmill or outdoor run?

Treadmill, exercise bike, and exercise equipment image fitness, run, and nike image
Both, but mainly outside, and treadmill when it rains

11. Yoga or pilates?

yoga, fitness, and flexibility image fitness, yoga, and fit image

12. Workout alone or with a friend?

fit and fitness image abs, fit, and fitness image
Both depending on how motivated I am that day, 85% of the time I'm by myself

13. With music or audiobook?

nike, fitness, and pink image Image by Katelyn Pugh
With music...keeps me motivated and I don't know anyone who workourts to an audio book, but props to them