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in this article I´m going to be showing you 12 ways to use your empty notebooks, because I´m sure that everyone has those somewhere in their room. Here are finally some ideas for you to use them! I hope you find this helpful and would say let´s start!

bullet journal
The most obvious way to use your notebook is to start a bullet journal. I´m bullet journaling since 2018 now and I just can´t image my life without it! It´s been super helpful for organizing my stuff, tracking habits and moods and writing down important things. But, because I know that a lot of people pressure themselves with this, do not be afraid of having to make your bujo aesthetically pleasing. It´s just there to help you organize yourself and creativity and aesthetic should not be a priority.

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kpop journal
If you like kpop, you can also use your notebook to create a kpop journal! You can make spreads about your biases, new songs, album aesthetics and so much more. I am thinking about starting one next year just because it´s so creative and you can really go all in and create amazing spreads! That makes music so much cooler!

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A classic one is using it as a diary. I´m journaling since I was in fourth grade and I am so glad I started it! It´s a great way to look back at your thoughs in your teenage or childhood years and what was going on in your life. It´s really funny to reread your diary and I will forever keep them! Don´t think that you have to journal every single day, you can also journal once a week or a month. I usually journal when I feel like I need to clear my mind or when something exiting happend that is worth writing it down.

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gratitude journal
What is also a great way to use your notebooks is to write down what you are grateful for. We often forget about the things that we are blessed with and always complain about everything. But sitting down and writing about what you are grateful for this week or today is so calming and mindful and changes your point of view a lot. I like to include a small gratitude tracker in my weekly spread in my bullet journal, that is what works for me.

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photo book
You can use notebooks by putting in photos to collect your favorite memories. It´s a great way to look back at those moments rather than just scrolling through your photo collection on your phone.
You can just print out your personal photos or print out photos of celebrities or travel places etc.

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book journal
What you can also do if you read a lot is to have a book journal. You can track the books you read in a year, make a statistic about what genres you read or if you read more books from female or male authors. The possibilities are honestly endless! It makes reading a lot of fun and is actually super helpful! I wouldn´t want to miss my books I read in a year tracker.

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learning a new language
A notebook can be used as a way to learn a new language. You can write down vocabulary, grammar stuff and practice the language. If you learn on the internet, consider writing it down especially vocabulary. That way you will remember it better. I started a notebook for learning korean but I´m struggling a bit to be consistent with it, so... But yeah, it´s a great way to learn a new language!

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catch-all notebook
This is helpful to cathch random ideas that might pop up during the day. Did you ever had an idea when you lay in bed or were in the bus? Having a notebook to write them down will be so great to not forget them! Of course you could also write them in the notes app on your phone but, I don´t know, writing it in a notebook gives you a better feeling...

quote notebook
I also have this. It´s basically just a place where you write down inspiring quotes and songtexts. It can be some kind of vision board but also a good reminder and an inspiration.

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If you like drawing, you can use your notebook as a sketchbook to draw and practice. It can just be a place where you can scribble and doodle but also where you draw real drawings. It´s all about being creative!

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creative writing
You can try creative writing or practice your writing if you are already an author or plan to be one. Write short stories, poems, chapters, beginnings that are in your head... It´s a great way to be creative and write without having to write a full book.

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meal planner
If you live alone and struggle with shopping the right things or thinking of meals, why not try out meal planning? It´s a great way to plan ahead, help you shop efficiantly and eat healthy. You can also write down your favorite recipes or food accounts on instagram!

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That´s it for this article! Wow, it took so long to write all that down but I hope you liked it! Thanks a lot for reading it. See you in my next one!

xx Sarah

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