Dear friend,

Have you ever felt the feeling of not caring? About literally anything? You look at your life and think what a waste of life you are. Your future is as black as the night and you wonder if you will survive another day of this misery. But you still get up in the morning, you work, you endure the pain. Just to come home and do the same thing the next day, and the day after that.

If you ever felt what i just described. Im sorry. The society has failed you. Life were never designed to be easy. But i can assure you, it was not designed for you to considering taking your life. Think of all the things you are going to miss. Maybe you will even miss your graduation. And those moments is worth living for. Trust me.

But if you still feel like suicide is the only thing that will help you. Then let me tell you how this may affect you mother, father and sibling or siblings. Let's say you just came home from school. You feel as depressed and sad as always. You planned you death for some weeks now. You choose to take a overdose. So you go to the bathroom and looked the door. You look for pills and after some looking you find them. You take the pills and stars crying. Soon is the pain over. After 1 hour your mom and sibling/siblings come home from work and school. Your mom yells “We're home”. And uselly you come down to great them when they come home. But your mom sense that something is up. She goes to the bathroom. And the door is looked. She asks you if can unlock the door. But you don't answer.

After 10 minutes your dad comes home. Finding your mom standing by the bathroom door, trying to make you unlock the door. Your dad helps her and unlocks the door. And they find you laying on the floor. Like you passed out. Your mom runs to you and try´s to wake you up. But you don't respond. Your dad stands their looking at you trying to understand what have happened. Your mom finds a container that just to be full of pills but it´s now empty. She understands what has happened. Her baby girl is dead.

She starts screaming and crying. Your sibling/siblings hear their mother screaming and crying, so run to the bathroom to see what's happened and they see you laying on the ground with your mother around her. Your mother screams to your dad to telephone the police and the ambulance. The police and ambulance comes. One of the police officers is new and have never seen a person who have killed themselves. The ambulance takes your body and lefts your family with a broken heart. Because their daughter and sister is dead and will never come back.
Some days has passed, and your family is in pain. A pain that will never go away.

So try consider if suicide really is the only way out. If your think suicide is the only way out, try to think of the aftermath of your suicide will big. Your friends and most of all your family will miss you.

If you want help to get better. Then you can click the link and find the country you live in:
If you want to contact me. You can contact me on my instagram which is @beckaaalouisee.