My sadness, she is cruel, she is selfish.
She takes the shape of sin, and in its form she cowardly slithers and lingers in the damp shadows of my best self.

With every crack of my soul there is light; and her scales glisten.
She is dark but she holds the beauty of no other, I am seduced.
She struggles to approach me.
She limps, determined.

I am mesmerised, the rational part of me wails, begging for me to seek refuge, to look elsewhere.
I cannot move, I choose not to. I become paralysed with my own will, with my own conviction.

My sadness grasps me, tricks me, hypnotises me with false truths.
She is quiet, weak but she speaks in my own voice, she knows what I desire, she knows what I crave.

Her body wraps around me, slowly, carefully.
She travels up my thighs, my hips, and the arch of my back.
All the places you abandoned,
all the edges that yearn for you.
Her diamond teeth sink into my neck, disguised as your lips. She pierces my skin and releases your poison deep in my artery, deep in my blood stream.

I do not complain, instead I am compliant.

She releases illusions of you, she feeds me constructed memories.
Your gentle touch, your heavy laughter and your deep love. It all swims freely in my system, replacing my cells, replacing my DNA,
Replacing me.

She no longer holds her long body on me, instead I grasp her.
My muscles contract for more of you.
I shake in desperation.
I find myself on the cold floor, aching bones and sore muscles. My entire body previously consumed by you, now frail.

My sadness walks away, no longer in the shadows but instead dressed in white, her skin skin glowing and her hair flowing.

My throbbing consciousness understood there and then, what had happened.
The trade, the exchange.
It was I, who summoned her, I begged her to consume me, to give me every last bit of you.
Thinking I had nothing else to lose, I had forgotten about my most valuable possession.