Greetings, doves.
I'm fairly new to articles and just as of recently I've been actually active on WHI because I've been feeling a sense of comfort in many pictures and articles which can be found on my hearts- page! credits to each and every owner of them!

Anyways, today I'll be sharing with you simple tips on how to enjoy life a little more.
do keep in mind these will be from my own perspective, but hopefully this can inspire you to find your own!


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i love the idea of rising with the sun, enjoying the silent moments of the early morning before carrying on. your morning pretty much shapes the rest of your day, therefore you should use those delicate moments to soak in the light and take a breath that fills your lungs before getting up!


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making the time to list the blessings in your life will not only be an eye opener on how blessed you are but will also help you maintain a mindful mindset and keep you more grounded. and believe me, no matter how long or short your gratitude list is, it deserves appreciation.


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we often forget that our bodies have been with us throughout this whole journey! its important to take the time to acknowledge its efforts, show our acceptance and respect and give it love and care and lets not forget to hydrate it! also dancing or just sawing gently is a great form of love and gives a feeling of freedom!


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the thoughts you repeat in your mind daily, become the way you live your life. acknowledging the thought, accepting it then discarding it is very helpful in releasing any negativity. we should forgive ourselves and make peace with it. we don't always look at life through pink tinted glasses, and that's absolutely ok, but the way we think affects how we feel which leads to how we act. maybe try to meditate, or find an activity doable to help clear your mind.


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to become the best versions of ourselves we must treat ourselves with kindness and care. fuel your body on nutritious food, rest your body and mind, protect your energy, don't compare yourself to others and don't compete with anyone but your past self. remember that each day you learn more, grow more and get one more step closer to your goal.


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Reading and/or writing is a great way to offload the heavy weights of the day. just let go. grab a journal, an old notebook or just a paper and start unraveling your events, how it made you feel or your to-do list. jus brain dump everything!


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we were all created to support, respect and encourage one another so taking the time to actually judge or criticize someone else or even envy them will do nobody no good.

sorry if i made this longer than intended and please excuse any mistakes or errors! in the end, i hope you take care, stay healthy and at peace, may we meet again in another article soon.