Lisa; in the song forever young there is a line: “so that this moment lasts forever” this line pushes me to one thought - I would like our stay on stage to last forever. we are still young, and I love the sense of pleasure in freedom that youth gives.
we are told that we never regret anything in our youth. you have to live your youth like a movie. have fun all night, dance and party until you drop without worrying about anything else. youth will always be with you.

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the concept of kill this love is to overcome toxic relationships; many began to accuse ug and blackpink of using real problems that happen to people as just a pretty visual image for their clips. but the girl who took part in the song `` kill this love '' once wrote something on her Instagram. she, like no one else, can tell you exactly what this song means and why she wrote it;"Oh my God. guys .... I've been in the music industry since 16 years old, I'm soon 25. I've been waiting for this moment for so long and now I'm officially # 1 as a songwriter in america. it has been very difficult for me for the last two years. I almost gave up music to take care of the child. I wanted to be a great wife and mother, but I was humiliated. I never gave details, but I felt completely overwhelmed. it was toxic love, I suffered from depression and after anxiety attacks, my mom tried to balance everything. I was worried about the future of my child, I could not sleep for months. I booked a trip to Hawaii and I thought this would be my win / highlight this year. I am a single mother and I try to fight for a happy future every day. but you know, if God closes one door for you, then he will open another, better one. I cannot express in words how grateful I am. thanks to teddy (teddy is a producer) who saw me in the lobby all alone and invited me to his studio. I wrote a song thanks to which I feel the full value of my experience and my capabilities. so many people refused (the song ?!) but I did it! thank you all for making my dream come true "

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jisoo; the song really talks about a girl who wants to experience a romantic love story. I think each of us wants to be loved.

rose; see u later means a lot to me. I really like the lyrics to this song - so cocky and sexy. I love the atmosphere it brings with it. I feel strong and confident thanks to this song.
a song about a girl getting tired of enduring her boyfriend's bad antics. Now she doesn't care about his promises, she will no longer hold on to this relationship and will no longer accept his fake apology.
After the relationship, the girl is not going to be killed and feel pain, she is not going to humiliate herself because of the guy, on the contrary, she ‘puts him in his place’ ’with her self-confidence.

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rose; the meaning may differ for each listener. I think kick it is about freedom, that you can let go of all restrictions and just be yourself. no stereotypes.

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stay; Jennie once said after a concert that she cried during a stay because the song was filled with trainees memories, and she also said that it happens when you write a song yourself.
the song can express a sense of freedom and at the same time incredible longing. and have you ever thought about the video and the lyrics deeper? The lyrics tell us about the relationship of a girl and a guy who asks him to stay, but at the end of the video there is a scene where the girls just continue to dance with each other and pay attention only to each of the members. this is the meaning of the video and the song, they ask not the guy to stay , but each other. Jisoo once said; “Instead of competing with each other, we were just spending time together. we always need each other "this song is really very dear to them

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ddu-du-ddu-du; strongly emphasizes the idea that girls can be strong, violent and dominant, as well as gentle, feminine and interested in stereotypical feminine things.

By the way, the meaning of "hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du du" a shot can be attributed as a shot of success, for example, in the music industry this word is often used when someone releases a hit and becomes successful, also bp - they shot down people off their feet with their shot (success).

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[solo is a song about a girl who is in grief but doesn't let it absorb her. instead, she pulls herself together and decides to be implacable herself and claims her throne. it is a hymn to feminine power. you must understand that the only person we really need is ourselves]

Jennie; “I wanted to express through the song solo that the existence of each of you is already beautiful enough in itself to allow you to shine”

"The message of the song solo: you can still be strong, even if you are in pain or lack something"

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playing with fire;
Jennie; playing with fire concept is a strong feeling of love. I didn’t feel the feelings that were written in the lyrics directly, but I learned about them indirectly, through shows and doramas. we wanted to convey these feelings through our song.

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playing with fire smoothly passing into the era as if it's your last; "It hasn't been long since they said" Mom told me every day to be careful with the guys ... "and now they don't pay attention to Mom's words."
rose; in as if it's your last we say "love me" louder. Even though we don't understand this feeling very well, this is the moment when you want to ask: "I like you, so why can't you like me?"
while discussing the meaning of love in the song, jennie kim said; “But I don’t think love should necessarily be directed to a guy”

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