We are connected to all. Nature gives us oxygen, we give it carbon dioxide. Plants balance us, we balance plants. I read in the amazing book series Diary Of A Starseed by Brittny Love that trees will actually speak to you. I put this to practice and it really is magical.

Put your hand on a tree, close your eyes, clear your mind and listen. Two words come right to the front of your mind. This is the tree's message to you. (Read my poem Trees for more information). The tree, of course, is the Universe just as we are. Magical is the best word to describe it. You'll really feel connected to everything and the tree's energy will recharge you. I encourage you to try it, it will be the exact message you need to hear.

Today, seven trees told me seven different messages. I needed to hear all of them. My soul felt at peace. I felt taken care of by all that surrounded me. I felt supported.

My Conversation went like this:
Brave Soul
Sunlight Energy
Tenacious Spirit
Inspire Others
Dreamer Believer
Alive Awaken
Journey Divine

Inspired by my conversation, I wrote this poem:

Soul to Trees, Trees to Soul
Something is inside of me
Something I know is my purpose
I just don't know what it is
My mind's been running
My Soul's been half empty
Trees help me
Universe guide me
You tell me I'm a Brave Soul
Thank you
Only took me some years
Got rid of all my fears
I need to remember that
When I spread
My Sunlight Energy
Been feeling a little down
Anxiety wanting me to drown
But my purpose is to spread
The Sunlight Energy
We all have so much light
That shines so bright
I AM a Tenacious Spirit
Thank you for the reminder
Being kinder
To this fire within
This body I'm given
My mission is to Inspire Others
Thank you for the clarity
Future sometimes makes me go crazy
In reality it is really that simple
A Dreamer Believer
I soar
Thank you for the connection
I see you in my dreams and I believe you
Love intertwines us all
Like a magic string pulling us all together
I AM Alive & Awaken
My mission is to help others feel this way
The freedom is one of a kind
You'll venture out of your mind
Thank you for waking me up out of my sleep
Even though sometimes it feels
Like a nightmare
The truth is a Dream, freedom is a Dream
And now I'm in touch with my Soul
On this Journey Divine we call life
I thank you
For your connection and direction
I'll see you in every moment
Every life
Every Universe
-ACE 🖤

I hope this helps you on your journey! Sending you love and freedom! Thank you for your connection.