1. First, find a group with ambition when you collect it. To become the most powerful group in the world and make tons of money, and then stop and go to work at a bank.

2. Do whatever you want, but don't be shit. Make sure everything comes from your heart. People see through it. Do this because you are forced and do not see yourself in another sphere, because this is your only way to become happier.

3. I think you need to kick your ass. Eat as much shit as you can. Then stand up for yourself and work hard.

4. Sometimes on stage something will go wrong, but nobody will know if you don't show it. This is one of the tricks. Pretend that everything is as it should be. You will get through it and you won't worry.

5. As for the place of the frontman: you must understand that one day it will be your show, people will come for you. Even if you stutter or you have nothing to say, but you are not pretending, then I think it's cool. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable and just try your best to be yourself. If you can do what you love and still sleep soundly at night, then you are on the right track.