name: juniper fowler
age: 18 (74th hunger games)
birthday: november 23
zodiac: sagittarius


fashion, girl, and hair image Image by Angeline CH Image by 🍷No name🍷 Всё что душе угодно ana, body, and skinny image
wavy brown hair, tall, thin but muscular, brown eyes


eye, technology, and the hunger games image blue, aesthetic, and dark image
district 3: technology


study, quotes, and text image mind, quotes, and body image rudest person image quotes, tired, and words image
independent, cunning, impatient, charming, dynamic, optimistic


aesthetic, chess, and game image Image by Private User awesome, drums, and photography image riverdale, veronica lodge, and aesthetic image
playing chess, singing, playing drums, working out


brunette, wavy, and dark hair image vetements, moyen age, and medievale image fantasy, fairytale, and food image maleficent image
peggy fowler, mother, died when giving birth to juniper, district 9 farmer
freckles, male, and skin image aesthetic, blue, and fashion image Image by Solar Winds hands image
oliver fowler, father, 49, district 3 engineer, raised juniper and her brother alone
boy, model, and diego barrueco image abs, chest, and bodies image aesthetic and arrow image hands image
hunter fowler, brother, 22, winner of the 70th hunger games


aesthetic, boy, and guy image alternative, indie, and kiss image boy, vintage, and indie image books, bookshelf, and vintage image
jude vaugh, 18, juniper's childhood best friend, started dating after she won the hunger games


- parade attire

fashion, haute couture, and princess image baby blue, baby pink, and chic image fashion, woman girl, and gorgeous girly image aesthetic, makeup, and goals image

- interview attire

fashion and fashiondres image shoes, black, and fashion image hair, girl, and style image makeup image

- games attire

fashion and clothes image boots, fashion, and girl image black and gloves image brown hair, girl, and same image

- weapon

aesthetic, dagger, and vintage image app, feed, and me image

- arena

scotland image bear, forest, and lake image

- games

summer and tree image trees and woods image
72nd hunger games (was 16): got a knife, slept up a tree, was attacked by a deer, ended up with a lot of bruises but nothing broken, sponsor send her food, her ally from district 6 died attacked by bees, she won the hunger games after that because they were the only one left


Image by maria leonidou django, programming, and python image
moved to district 1, she was already thinking about starting a rebellion and was trying to get more infos about the capitol and hack them


arrow, archery, and aesthetic image katniss everdeen and mockingjay image
went into the arena, made a plan to escape the arena and start the rebellion with katniss


black sails image finnick odair, catching fire, and finnick image
she stayed with jude and finnick