hey! today is a really special day in my family because is the birthday of my little brother so i'll post this pretty early in the morning -at least in my time zone- to spend my day with him after my classes.
in the 12th day of the '30 days writing challenge' i have the task to share with you a list of my three favorite tv shows. i'm so excited.

let's begin!

🌻 day xii: make a list of your three favorite tv series.

  • the passing bells II bbc one (2014)
my favorite show in the world is this one. is one of those shows that are an example to the fact that 'quality is not synonymous with quantity'. in a few episodes got me into things that most take seasons to portray.
bbc, war, and the passing bells image Image removed
this story starts at the begging of the First World War, two teenagers -a german and british- defy their parents and they enlist in the army, but in the journey their excitement disappears and they face one of the biggest wars known until this day.
  • dark II netflix (2017-2020)
you probably know this one. you may like it or not, but for me, is one of the best tv shows ever. netflix didn't show any level of greatness until this came out. such an incredible series.
dark, inspiration, and series image dark, series, and netflix image
the disappearance of two children shows the links between four families and exposes the past of a small town.
  • the originals II cw (2013-2018)
i tried to watch 'the vampire diaries' before, but i couldn't follow after the originals left the series. i loved those characters so much that i end up watching this show, and i absolutely loved it. the characters, the actors and story are genius. in my opinion, don't waste your time watching 'the vampire diaries' and watch this masterpiece.
Image by ΜπαΜπι😇 The Originals, elijah mikaelson, and klaus mikaelson image
klaus, a vampire and werewolf hybrid, goes back to new orleans to investigate the rumors of a plot against him and fights to claim the city back.

thank your for reading again!
to be honest, i was really scared about doing this type of articles but you guys/girls have been showing love to them and gets my hopes up.

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