what's up you sexy beautiful people : )

i'm probably gonna regret writing this now because it's so late and i have so much to do this week lol anyways let's do this!! this is where i got the questions:

1. who do you love more, mom or dad?

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i love both of them equally <3

2. if you could kill someone without getting caught, would you?`

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nah the worst i could do is to beat someone up

3. are you a bad person?

i try not to be, but i'm not a good person either at the moment because you know.. going through immaturity and stuff

4. if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

i would remove my gag reflexes because DAMN they are so strong?? it's not really doing me any good, i'm even afraid to take pills now because i'm scared that my gag reflexes would fail me akjsdh

5. would you get married to someone of the same gender?

nope because i'm straight. i support it tho <3

6. would you die for someone you love?

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i really don't know, since i'm not to forward with my feelings but i think i would. that sentence made no sense

7. would you have sex with someone of the same gender?

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listen.. i'm straight but i can't say i haven't thought about it JAKSSKDJH

8. what do you identify as?

straight, asian female

9. white or black?

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definitely black. i like it better than white chocolate

10. death by water or fire?

how about we don't die, thanks. but if i have to choose, i'd pick water since death by fire is the most painful death. idk why i know that

11. what do you think of yourself?

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a weak, insecure idiot that struggles in everything

12. have you ever been addicted to something?

well my case isn't that serious but i've been kinda addicted to wattpad when i was 12 ajsjskdkk

13. have you ever gotten drunk?

no, i'm scared of not having full control of myself. i would like to try it if i'm surrounded by my friends/people i trust tho

14. have you ever done drugs?

nope, never will

15. have you ever dealt with an eating disorder?


16. is it easier to forgive or forget?

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i'll say it's easier to forgive, when people apologize to me my heart just softens up and i forgive them very easily. only when people apologize tho, i hold so much grudges. i'm still mad about that bitch who stole my brand new stickers in first grade. that's right, patricia

17. have you ever stolen a street sign?

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i've never thought of it but sounds fun

18. would you ever strip/pose for a nude magazine?

no, i am very insecure

19. are you sarcastic?

well gee i don't know

20. have you ever been inlove?

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no, but i like to think that the closest feeling i've ever had to that is my last crush. i don't think it was love tho

21. have you ever had plastic surgery?

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22. do you want plastic surgery?

i kinda want a boob job, does that count?

23. do you want kids?

not at the moment, but maybe i'd want one or two baby girls in the future

24. have you ever eaten the smallest piece of paper?

maybe when i was like 3

25. do you miss anyone right now?

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my friends, the old me, 2016, loona </3

26. introvert or extrovert?

introvert hoping to be adopted by extroverts

27. what do you do when you like someone?

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i try my hardest to be noticed by them first but i fail everytime </3

28. money or fame?

i'll easily have both if i have fame

29. asking questions or answering questions?

asking questions because i don't have all the answers

30. would you rather marry someone who you don't love but they love you back or marry someone who you love but doesn't love you back?

i'd rather marry someone i don't love. i catch feelings quick so it would work out

31. is cheating bad?

it's the worst. less worse if you cheated for a quiz or sumn

32. are you in a relationship?

no, never even been in something that remotely resembles a relationship </3

33. if you could cheat without getting caught, would you?

wouldn't even think about it

34. life or death?

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as much as i think about death i actually like living so :D life

so that was it!! this was actually my escape from online classes since it's kinda stressing me out. if you got this far, great. hope you somehow enjoy reading this chaos, here's more of my writing:


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