Hey beautiful heaters ! How are you guys doing? As you saw in the title Today I wanted to talk you about a special subject witch is.. Negative thoughts!

I didn't planned on making this article but I wanted to discuss with y'all about my experience and about self-criticism in general and I want to let you know that you are not alone.

'We are our own worst critic'


We all have negative thoughts sometimes, but when they cycle through your mind over and over again, they can cause problems and they can be a sign that you have a more fundamental problem for which you need to seek help. Recurring negative or unwanted thoughts can prevent you from enjoying experiences, distract you from focusing on what's important, and drain your energy. It can be a symptom of both anxiety and depressive disorders.


So I don't really know when I started to have negative thoughts and I never realize it until now. We can have so many factors like relationships, looks, skills, abilities or others things but for me it was more because of abilities and skills. Every time I want to try something new I'll tel myself that "I'm not capable of doing this" and others stuff like that.

I used to sing for several years since I was 3, I grew up in choirs at church, I did music in middle school, I played clarinet for 7 years and piano. Music was a way to express myself. I stopped doing this 3 years ago. So the struggle began. I was no longer confident with my voice I got so much ideas of covers that I wanted to do but every time I was in front of my piano ready to sing I just couldn't. I had negative thoughts again and again and that made me feel so bad and anxious. I feel better now even if sometimes I still have to deal with negative thoughts but I know I will get through this and I will be able to sing and express myself again in front of people.

What about you? Are you a self-critical person? when you have self-critical thoughts, what do they generally sound like? What are some self-critical thoughts you often have, or that you experienced recently?Have you ever caught yourself in the middle of a self-critical thought?

If you do have negative thoughts and you want to exchange with me about it, you can send me a message so we can discuss about it :)

Until next time,