Hi to U !
I currently listen to a lot of korean artists. So, in this article, I'll make a list of some korean songs I like to chillin on ^.^
(I add some aesthetic pics that's match with the vibe of each song).

Here we go :)

Merlot – Nafla.

fashion, aesthetic, and style image Temporarily removed aesthetic, her, and soft image aesthetic, anime, and brown image
Hot chocolate, morning sun, cosy bedsheets, Ghibli movie.

Instagram – DEAN.

aesthetic, flowers, and girl image books, green, and interior image
aesthetic, asian boy, and fashion image
Coffee date, food pictures, cute smile, matching outfits.


lips, red, and lipstick image aesthetic, red, and sneakers image
Temporarily removed
Red lips, wink, playing video games, large sweater.

Homebody - pH-1 .

casual, comfy, and outfit image aesthetic, desk, and interior image aesthetic, clothes, and white image aesthetic, psd, and theme image
Staying at home, watching series, messy bun, comfy bedroom.

Dayfly – DEAN, SULLI, Rad Museum.

aesthetic, theme, and sky image book, coffee, and reading image
Going for a walk in your city, sweet melancholy, alone time.

Peach – Reddy, SURAN.

aesthetic, dog, and flowers image
Image by sweetkvss ulzzang, cat, and girl image
Peachy lipsbalm, laughing, pet animals, mirror selfie.

23 - punchnello.

Image by 鹿ノ子 aesthetic, black hair, and earphones image Image by 0321 fashion image
Reading manga, grey sky, messy hair, face mask.

I'm in love - Nafla.

enjoy, fair, and fashion image
couple and ulzzang image love, couple, and shadow image
Soft kiss, the smell of fresh flowers, holding hands, hug.

Timid - jeebanoff, CHANGMO.

asian fashion, ulzzang, and boy image Temporarily removed
boy, ulzzang, and asian image
Pink cheeks, eat your favorite dessert, pale colors, childish face.

☆。✧.⁎ ⁺ THE END ⁺˳✧。.☆

That's all for now, hope you've enjoyed this article !
See u soon :)