I want to write something. Too many emotions. I can't hold it back. I just want to write. I don't know English well. I'll try my best.
That situation... It sounds foolish. I don't like it. Why? Why has he done this? Maybe, he is afraid of somebody.
Or something terrible happened with him.
My dear...
Are you sick? What have you done? You've just sowed seeds of anger and dissapointment in those people, who
weren't interested in your dirty business. You've just scared(?) of those people, who wanted to play fairly.

They wanted to say truth, but you've closed their mouths.
You've just ridded of them. Because...
You are scared.(?)

They wanted to know truth (why not?), but you've lied. You were talking and talking that the others are liars.
Maybe, it's because of... Fear?

You've said that we are free. Well... I don't see that.

You've made a BIG mistake. You've turned off the internet. People can do nothing. Maybe, you are a great planner.
You know what will be further. Or not.(?)

I like searching the internet. I like listening to music. But I can't do that. It looks like that the light is turned off.
And somebody has started to do his dirty deals in the dark. When the light will be turned on, we will see a lot of dead bodies.
(I'm glad you are not reading it, my dear...)

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Image by Cande Miljevic
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As I said earlier, I couldn't not to write this. Because I was driven by emotions. It is my own opinion about the situation.
The end.
And thank you for reading.

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