Hi! This is my original character (oc) for Peaky Blinders. This article is a lot longer than I anticipated, I hope you enjoy!

Name: Madeline Adler
Age: 17
Birthplace: Cheltenham, England
Residence: Birmingham, West Midlands


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Sharp features. Pale skin. Blue eyes. Black hair.


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Pleated skirts. Dropped hems. 'Garconne' style. Casual chic. Tailored blazers. Mary Jane heels.

Dressed to impress:

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Formal wear. Pearls. Evening dresses. Fringing and beading. Expensive jewellery.


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19th century Georgian Country house, in the West Midlands countryside on the outskirts of Birmingham.

Work on The Yard:

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As the daughter of a renowned horse breeder and trainer, Madeline had grown up working on yards and in barns her whole life.

Work in the Betting Shop:

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Madeline began to help in the Shelby's Betting Shop after proving her experience with her Dad's trade and business was useful.

Friends and Family:

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Finn Shelby. After growing up alongside Finn whilst Madeline's Father conducted business with the Shelbys, the two formed a close friendship from a young age as they were the youngest of the families.
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Bonnie Gold. Madeline knew Bonnie through her Father's business in training and selling horses to the Lee family, in which they were introduced to the Lees and the Golds through Madeline's Mother's Gypsy roots.
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Polly Gray and Ada Thorne. After losing her Mother and being an only child, Madeline was taken under the wing of Polly Gray who acted as a motherly figure when Madeline was spending more time around the Shelby family. Ada acted as a sister to Madeline, also spending time with Esme, Lizzie, Grace, and Linda, after growing up just with her Father and not having much of a womanly influence or motherly guidance.

Background Story:

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Madeline Adler was born in Cheltenham to her Father, Robert, a renowned horse breeder and trainer, and her mother, Elizabeth, a bookkeeper of Gypsy descent. The Adler family lived in Cheltenham for business provided by the Cheltenham horse race but also often travelled around to pursue business at other stables. Madeline met her first friend, Bonnie Gold, as a very young child when her Mother knew the Lee and Gold families through their Gypsy connections, as the families engaged in business breeding and selling horses. At the age of 5 Madeline's Mother passed away from an illness which left just Madeline and her Father. The pair travelled to Birmingham to pursue more business, where Madeline's Father met Tommy Shelby who recruited him to conduct business for the upcoming Epsom horse race. Madeline's Father became a close alliance to the Shelby family, and Madeline often spent her time at the Shelby household playing with Finn whilst her Father worked for Tommy. During this time, Polly Gray took Madeline under her wing and acted as the motherly figure that Madeline was missing. When Finn grew older and became more involved in the Shelby business, Madeline accompanied him in the Shelby Betting Shop and to family meetings with the knowledge she had acquired from her own Father's business. Madeline was treated by the Shelby family as if she were one of their own, after spending years growing up in their company whilst her Father worked with Tommy. Madeline and Finn were inseparable, and as they were given more responsibilities they often accompanied each other in causing trouble and joining the Shelby Gang.