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So as you may know, I´m from Spain, therefore, my mother tongue is Spanish.
I know how difficult it can be to learn a new language, for example, now I am trying to learn French and listening to music in this language is helping me a lot, so I think these songs can help you.

Something complicated with Spanish is that there are many different places where we speak this language, and in each one there are different words and accents, so I am going to try to recommend songs by different international artists. I hope you like it!


1- Spanish "neutral" accent:

Singer: Aitana Ocaña (pop)
  • ♪ Nada Sale Mal.
  • ♪ Vas a Qudarte.
  • ♪ Las Vegas.
  • ♪ Barro y Hielo.
Singer: Aitana Ocaña (reggeaton)
  • ♫ Me Quedo.
  • ♫ Lo Malo.
Singer: Alfred García (pop)
  • ♫ Londres.
  • ♫ De La Tierra Hasta Marte.
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2- Spanish Andalusian accent (southern Spain):

Singer: Rosalía (pop, flamenco, reggaeton)
  • ♬ Malamente.
  • ♬ Con Altura (The song is also sung by J. Balvin, a Colombian singer, so there is a mixture of accents!)
Singer: Lola índigo (pop, reggaeton)
  • ♩ Ya no Quiero Ná.
  • ♩ 4 besos.
  • ♩ Mala Cara.
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3- Argentinian accent:

Singer: Trueno (rap, freestyle)
  • ♬ Azul y Oro.
  • ♬ Rain.
  • ♬ Mamichula (Nicki Nicole)
Singer Nicki Nicole (rap, freestyle, urban)
  • ♬ Colocao.
  • ♬ Plegarias.
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4- Colombian accent:

Singers: Morat (balcanic pop)
  • ♩ Bajo la Mesa.
  • ♩ Más de lo Que Aposté (this song is also in collab with Aitana, so it has a spanish-colombian mix)
  • ♩ Besos en Guerra.
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5- Mexican accent:

Singers: Reik
  • ♫ Ya Me Enteré.
  • ♫ Indeciso.
  • ♫ Enemigos (this song is with Aitana as well, so it has a mix of accents)
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I hope this can help you. If you want another part, don’t forget to follow us and heart this article! Thank you so much for reading this far, see you soon ♡

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