makeup, beauty, and nails image beauty, hazel, and rose gold image amazing, fun, and swag image makeup, highlighter, and colourpop image
The must have summer product. Gives a beautiful glow in daylight or during golden hour on your cheekbones, nose and under the eyebrow


collection, elf, and makeup image beauty, black & white, and matte image
Keep your make-up in place, smooth finish and your make-up willn`t get in your pores, so you will get pimples less quickly


makeup, pink, and rose image beauty, blush, and girl image makeup, dior, and beauty image Image removed
A soft pink glow on the cheeks and nose creates a summery and cute effect


collection, makeup, and concealer image beauty, black, and ivory image
Immediately creates a fresh look under the eyes and you can hide unevenness with it

Matte Powder

beauty, pink, and dior image chanel, beige, and powder image
Your make-up stays in place and ensures a matte skin


anastasia, cosmetics, and powder image makeup, beauty, and cosmetics image
A warm powder that creates a shadow in the skin and provides a warm and dark glow on the skin


makeup and mascara image brown, eye, and eyelashes image
Can provide different eye looks: volume, curl or length


lipstick, makeup, and luxury image beauty, eyebrows, and flawless image Image removed beauty, lipstick, and luxury image
Both matte lipstick and lip gloss give an extra color and look to your lips

Fixing Spray

Image removed aesthetic, cooling, and green image
Keep your make-up beautiful on the skin for as long as possible, let all powder absorb the skin well and ensure a fresh look